Monday, October 23, 2017 9:17 PM

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Christmas Time

Christmas Time

Hu-a hu-a huhu (that's a reindeer panting sound) - I really wish all of you could hear me - it was way better in person.  Santa's sleigh finally came to a rest and it's a good thing because those reindeer need some carrots and hay - we have been MOVING the past couple of weeks!  And, oh, wow!!  Can I just say how AMMMMMMMMAAAZZZIIINNNNGGGG the Christmas parties were?!?!  You guys!  You totally outdid yourselves.

We already told you about the fantastic parties in Amarillo and El Paso.  Our next stop was Arendelle.  I mean, Brownwood.  That staff held NOTHING back - it was truly a winter wonderland, with real life characters.  There was a castle and a sleigh and princess and....  It was beautiful!  Then we flew up to Wichita Falls where the same management team pulled off a Polar Express party.  Everyone was decked out in their pjs and we had hot chocolate dancers.  It was magical!  That evening, we were off to adventures in Candyland - there was a full size gingerbread house, complete with cookies, 10 foot cotton candy, giant (and I do mean giant) cupcakes, handmade lollipops, and the list goes on.  It was a very sweet treat.   The next day, we headed out to a campground in way East Texas to join the Tyler-kana team at another Candyland adventure - the air was full of sugar!!  There was a dip south to Houston, where our brand new leader, Barbara, and the Houston veterans had a wonderful party planned for our kiddos!!  The sleigh kept along the coast, right to the beach.  We were met by the Peanuts clan in Corpus Christi and, in true Corpus style, it was adorable!!  Finishing up the South portion of our travels, we landed in McAllen, where we found a full-fledged Posada!!  The festive, cheerful nature of that room was one to be reckoned with.  It was so cheery and bright!!  They even had tiny Mexican pastries for desserts - the table was soooo cute!!!  We then put on our superhero capes and dashed to San Antonio for a superhero Christmas out at T Bar M Ranch.  The room was full of little ones in their favorite costumes - again, too cute!!  Last, but not least, we had a luau in Round Rock. Leis and grass skirts galore!  

When discussing the parties, I continue to say how very different they are.  It's really hard to choose a favorite because each office has its own spin that is so neat in its own rite.  The thing that I can definitely say is that you guys work your fingers to the bones to make sure that our kids have an amazing experience and get exactly what they want.  I heard story after story of magic being made and saw so many excited little smiles.  That is because of you and your efforts.  You have no idea the difference you are making for these children.  For some, this will be the Christmas they always remember.  You are making memories and you are so very appreciated!!!!  

Thank you for your time and energy!  Christmas could not have been the same without you!


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