Monday, October 23, 2017 9:16 PM

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Back in the Saddle

Our World enjoyed a nice loooong vacation during the holidays.  We are all back on the horse and planning for an outstanding 2016.  We are working to improve our service and training to our familiies. This we hope will create a positive experience with each child we touch.  Know we are strong believers that each child God allows us to serve is more valuable that gold and silver or a precious gem stone.  We want them to be able to say that foster care was a positive - good experience where we felt loved, respected and helped to grow into a positive, educated young person ready to realize each of our dreams.

To maximize the potential of this, all parties must keep the final outcome in mind as we serve each child.  CPS, CASA, Courts, Attorneys, family members and private agency staff must joint hands and hearts in order to take a child from the depths of despair of abuse and lead him through services and a caring foster family into blossoming into a sterling adult citizen with the ability to realize his dreams.

May God guide our minds and hearts to make this dream become reality for all the children in our care.  Please help us pray!


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