Monday, October 23, 2017 9:16 PM

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It is Spring! So much is happening in our World of foster care. In early June, AWFC presents LAUNCH CAMP which is designed to help prepare our teens in care for "life after care". This is very important in our attempt to eliminate abuse and neglect for our Texas teens.

As a part our very intense schedule, we have a foster care panel who talk to our teens about the struggles and successes in entering the adult world. Also this group of former foster folks answer questions ...from our teens....

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Back in the Saddle

Our World enjoyed a nice loooong vacation during the holidays.  We are all back on the horse and planning for an outstanding 2016.  We are working to improve our service and training to our familiies. This we hope will create a positive experience with each child we touch.  Know we are strong believers that each child God allows us to serve is more valuable that gold and silver or a precious gem stone.  We want them to be able to say that foster care was a positive - good experience...

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Christmas Time

Hu-a hu-a huhu (that's a reindeer panting sound) - I really wish all of you could hear me - it was way better in person.  Santa's sleigh finally came to a rest and it's a good thing because those reindeer need some carrots and hay - we have been MOVING the past couple of weeks!  And, oh, wow!!  Can I just say how AMMMMMMMMAAAZZZIIINNNNGGGG the Christmas parties were?!?!  You guys!  You totally outdid yourselves.

We already told you about the fantastic parties in Amarillo and El Paso....

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We can change a child’s trajectory in life by getting involved!

See the bog at "  Act Locally Waco "  to read more about AWFC in the Waco area..


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Fall is a Busy Time at AWFC

Our World is spinning fast as usual.  We are expanding our services to the greater Waco area.  With the help of our new staff, Denise Mason, we are excited about our "welcome" to that community. Last Tuesday, September 29, 2015 we had a "Meet and Greet" at Spice Village, a fabulous venue.  We were excited about the response - many community networking friends and some great folks interested in fostering visited our event.  We were so pleased, so blessed!

Upcoming events include the...

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AWFC in Round Rock is Running for Dreams on October 17, 2015

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FIESTA, TEXAS…a fabulous day in the sun

Summer in our World has been very busy.  In addition to Launch Camp for our teens, our entire World congregated in San Antonio   for an exciting adventure at Fiesta, Texas.  Many of our children/youth have never been out of their county much less gone a weekend vacation.  We want them to experience all the fun associated with a “vacation.”  Besides the grand day, they get to spend the night in a hotel, go swimming in a hotel pool AND become a “regular” child as they enjoy a grand day at ...
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